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In Evian, one of the most famous hotels

Hotel les Cygnes – Press kit










100 years of history

hotel 1936

Les Cygnes was initially a big house from 1894 – the current schedule – underneath which were the Grocery – Bakery of Bron and Family Café Grande Shore neighborhood. Some rooms were rented all year round in a style « guesthouse » while boat trips on the lake and swimming lessons were offered by the owner.

The terraced property – the current hotel – was purchased in 1906 by Vittel. This will establish the handling, bottling and shipping of the Source Mineral Graziella she owned and gushing over. For lack of productivity, this source operated until 1926, was sold with the property at Bron-Braconnay family to build a hotel. The architect who designed Jacobi many tourist buildings and villas in Evian establishes plans for the future expansion of the hotel and the annex in a regional style in vogue at the time: « the Anglo-Norman Cottage ». The hotel was built in a first step on the old bottling plant, then it was the turn of the schedule that we restructured a few years later.

The coffee of Great Shore neighborhood and was kept busy by the youth of the time, especially for his famous table tennis, while the old bakery Bron, does that lasted until 1980. The Hotel Swans also enjoyed great success until the late 60s, extremely loyal customers inviting spa guests and families. It turned movies and wrote books there. Become older, the hotel eventually close its restaurant, then its doors permanently in 1995.

It was not until 5 July 2002 that the Swans reopened. Since it does not go a year without work and development will be carried out to give the customer every modern comfort without ever losing the charm of the years of its construction. Hotel Les Cygnes is now in Evian last hotel establishment feet in the water with its own source, seeking to maintain the charm of the hotels and restaurants of the 30s.


Evian, an history of Water

le ponton

In 1789, while the town of Evian is still part of the Duchy of Savoy, the Marquis of Lessert, Auvergne gentleman suffering from kidney stones, just take the waters in Amphion. During a stroll in Evian, he quenches his thirst with water from a spring that flows in the garden of a certain Mr Cachat. The judging « light and pass well, » he decided to drink regularly … and soon found themselves in cured. He touts this water « miraculous » around him; Physicians are quick to approve and prescribe consumption. Success was quick and Mr. Cachat to enclose its source and to commercialize water. Thus began the saga of the natural mineral water Evian.

La Belle Époque and the golden age of hydrotherapy

The spa will take really developed until the Second Empire after the annexation of Savoy to France in 1860. It was with the creation of the port quay and land and the construction of the station and the extension of the railway from Annemasse, the city renamed Évian-les-Bains in 1864, will become a resort fashionable, popular with an aristocratic and international clientele. At the turn of the century, under the leadership of the League of Evian water, an extensive program of improvements has been launched: a spa is built, luxurious palaces and sumptuous villas are emerging.

Distractions are not left out, and to meet this wealthy clientele, all kinds of entertainment are organized concerts and shows, table games, regattas, fireworks …

The Evian Golf was inaugurated in 1904; the Royal Hotel, which was regarded as the most beautiful hotel in Europe, will open in 1909, designed by architect Jean-Albert Hébrard, who also realized the bar of the Cachat Spring in 1903, a masterpiece of Art Nouveau, and the new Casino in 1912.

The heyday of Evian will last until the years 30. The city will host famous personalities of politics and art, such as Marcel Proust, Maurice Barres, Frédéric Mistral and Jean Cocteau.

The Roaring Twenties and time tourism

The 20s were a good period for Savoy tourism; all hotels were stormed. But a new clientele emerged, more oriented toward sports and the virtues of bathing in the invigorating waters of Lake Geneva, hitherto little appreciated by the worldly clientele. Time palaces coming to an end, while the construction of hotels began again.


ponton     Le jardin l'entrée

The story continues in 2014

Hotel Les Cygnes ***, built in 1926, has retained an authentic charm of the « Roaring Twenties ».

Ideally located in the immediate edge of Lake Geneva, the hotel – three fireplaces and three casseroles Logis de France – offers a guaranteed change of scenery and stunning views of Switzerland and the Jura.

Its 36 cozy and personalized rooms, lulled by the murmur of the lake, offering all the magic of the direct view of Lake Geneva.

For browsers of this « inland sea », it offers its private jetty and mooring buoys.

Its private beach, swimming pool also delight fans of bathing in a sweet and pure water, with the mountains on the horizon.

As for the terrace, shaded by a century-old arbor overlooking Lake, it hosts to lunch and dinner gourmet and allows at any time of the day, experience the charm of its cozy lounges, bar and its tearoom.

A total relaxing stay out of time …


Unique situation on Lake Geneva


Side Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, with an area of almost 600 km2 offers an incredible diversity of viewpoints, from Switzerland to France. The purity of its water, the mild temperature that prevails in winter and summer is an incentive for swimming …

A hotel « feet in water » in Evian

Among all hotels Evian Les Cygnes is the only one located as close to Lake Geneva. This exceptional situation allows the hotel to enjoy an enchanting lake view and offers many advantages such as beach and private pier. The hotel restaurant also has a variety of facilities that will delight young and old such as mini-golf and pool. These are the many assets that make this hotel Evian, one of the finest hotels in Haute-Savoie.


Fine cuisine

A fine and refined cuisine will contribute to make you spend a pleasant stay.

A traditional restaurant


salle de restaurant          

The restaurant Les Cygnes, bathed by the light of the lake, reveals you subtle contrasts, testimonies of a kitchen all in creativity and delicacy. With its terrace overlooking the lake, the restaurant Les Cygnes has distinguished itself from other restaurants in the area and become this magical place to have meals alone with nature.

The Head of Teddy Hélard kitchens offers a seasonal voyage to the heart of flavors, exceptional parenthesis, heat a restaurant with authentic flavors of regional tradition.

A Savoyard bistro


Road side of the Alps, the old family cafe serves a bar menu in an authentic decor style « bistro » – waxed counter and checked tablecloths.

Some excerpts map …

Marbré de Foie Gras de Canard et Fera Fumée, Gelée de Poires au Jurançon et Coulis de
Pralines roses
19 €
Perches « Les Cygnes », Beurre blanc de Légumes, Sauge et Ecrevisses,
Pommes Allumettes Maison
28 €
Carré d’Agneau rôti à l’Ail, Sauce Choron à l’Estragon
28 €
Filet d’Omble Chevalier Croustillant, Beurre d’Aneth et Citrons confits
28 €
Filet de Bœuf Montbéliard poêlé, Réduction de Porto et vin rouges, Morilles et
Beignets de Pommes de Terre
29 €

practical information

terrasse face lac

the rooms

– 36 cozy and personalized rooms with views of the lake.

Suites, family rooms, balcony, satellite TV, direct phone, WiFi access

free, hairdryer, safe.

the facilities

– Seminar room – capacity 20 people (paper board, screen, video projector, wifi connection)

. Parking and garage (sup. 14 € / night)

. Private and secure parking for bicycles and motorcycles


– By car:

. Direct access to the D1005 road (RN 5) GPS: Lat. 46.40 / Long. 6.61

– By the lake:

. Boat particular: provision of hotel jetty

. Access CGN boat: landing stage 1 km (daily connection Evian / Lausanne)

– By train:

. Evian train station 3 km


. Daily connections Paris via Bellegarde (TGV) with direct TGV Paris /

Evian at weekends in winter and summer seasons

– By plane

. Geneva Cointrin International Airport, 50 km



8 avenue Grande Rive
74500 Evian les Bains
Phone : +33 4 50 75 01 01

owner : Sébastien Buet